New Customers

Chaylor Leathercraft Australia are based on the Gold Coast Qld, Australia. We have been in business for more than 30 years, making well crafted Leather items for a  number of companies and private individuals during this time. We developed our own method of pre-making the insides of all of our finished products, prior to our customers determining which outer leather they wanted to order.

This method of leather goods construction allowed us to part-finish our full range of products we offer to our retail customers, without predetermining the final outer leather. Colour/finish until the order is received. It allowed us to finish orders in shorter lead times which was good for our customers, and easier for our production staff to produce.

It was from this scenario, that got us involved in the Custom Leathercraft Industry, as it was only a matter of offering our current range of leather goods, and introducing new items as required, to an existing market. The Leathercraft market has become a large part of our business now, and it is my objective to continue to develop new and exciting products to the Leathercraft Industry.

As a new customer, I welcome you to join the Chaylor Leathercrafters club, which will allow you to purchase any of our products at very attractive prices, whilst not having to buy excessive quantities of any 1 item to get the best prices available.